Triston John Arcand Farness

Hobbies and Interests:
  • Fitness (jogging, lifting weights, dieting)
  • Reading books (zoology)
  • Music (Classical music, Hard Rock, Industrial Rock, Country rock/pop, Videogame music)
  • Computers (hardware, software, website programming)

Basic Information

Name: Triston John Arcand Farness
Birthday: March 25, 1982 (Age: 31)
Eye color: Hazel green
Birthplace: North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Canada
Current Location: North Battleford, Saskatchewan Canada
Languages: Canadian English

Contact Information

Mobile Phones

  • 1 (587) 336-7763

Screen names


november 18th. 6 30 pm

word (polish).

14 - Untitled XIII August 23 2015 10 30am.png

12 - Untitled XI - autopilot.png

1 - tuesday june 23 4pm - current desktop.png

11 - 12391253_10153980779206412_3261804221288924064_n


the rio olympics 2016.


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